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World’s most advanced interactive showcase display with full Customization options.

MagiStand is the world’s most advanced jewelry interactive showcase display, fully physically animated, illuminated, and comes with a powerful sound system in order to invoke interest and emotions of your customers.

MagiStand is fully customizable to suit your customers from a mobile application and with its accessories line.

“Emotions of any kind can be evoked by melody and rhythm;
therefore music has the power to form character.”


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Themes Store

Change everything in less than 5 minutes

MagiStand is built with an innovative Themes Store which you can access from the application to customize the whole display decoration. Update your showcase’s decoration within 5 minutes depending on the mood of the season or holiday – Christmas, Mother’s day, and Valentine’s day, among others. A wide range of choice is available at the themes store.


Customer detection & controls

It is important for prospective buyers of jewelry to see all sides of what they intend to buy in order to make an informed buying decision.

Thanks to human detect sensor your showcase display can stop playing its animations and adapt the elements and the lighting to highlight your jewels.

Activate built-in touch sensors and let your customers control themselves the pyramid and discover all your jewels.

Magistand App

Creanimate everything

With interactive installations, we create worlds of experience. We minimize barriers and arouse the user’s curiosity. We use mobile applications that are both intuitively and playfully accessible to maximize the user’s experience – by means of innovative digital technologies.

With the MagiStand application, intuitive interface will let you customize every single element, from managing downloading new Themes, to adjusting sound volume, Customer detection distance, Alarm settings and much more. Get all the statistics of your MagiStand usage.


Stats at a glance

Get all the statistics of your MagiStand usage. How many persons stopped to take a look, how many times showcase display door has been opened by retail dealer to demonstrate the jewelry, customers visit peak hours daily, monthly and yearly.
Share stats with your team by email.


Adjust your MagiStand to your needs

Highlight your stand’s decoration with accessories. Customize your interactive showcase display’s decoration and jewelry holders. You can find a wide range of jewelry holders for rings, necklaces, earrings, amulets, bracelets and much more.

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